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Hexagram 12: Clogging

Statement: Clogging by wicked people. Nothing to be gained, even from a steadfast prince. The great goes, the vile comes.


Top trigram: Heaven


Bottom trigram: Earth


Hexagram Number: 12

Hexagram Name: Clogging

Line 1 comment: Pulling couch grass uproots more with it by entwined roots. Snatch it: fortune. Continue.

Line 2 comment: Wrapped in flattery, the vile prosper. Great people are clogged. Continue.

Line 3 comment: Wrapped in shame.

Line 4 comment: Commands without fault, fields divided: blessings.

Line 5 comment: Clogging ceases. Great people prosper. It could be lost! It could be lost! Tie it to the roots of a mulberry tree.

Line 6 comment: Clogging overturned. First there was clogging. Later all will be glad.

The image Heaven and earth separate: clogging. The noble one acts with self-restraint in the face of punishing hardship, and avoids glory or riches.

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