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Hexagram 5: Waiting

Statement: Waiting. Stay confident: there is light everywhere. Pure fortune. Advance across the great river.


Top trigram: Water


Bottom trigram: Heaven


Hexagram Number: 5

Hexagram Name: Waiting

Line 1 comment: Waiting in the countryside. Gain by being steadfast. Be without fault.

Line 2 comment: Waiting in the sand. The small will talk. At last, good fortune.

Line 3 comment: Waiting in the mud draws raiders to arrive.

Line 4 comment: Waiting in a bloody cave. Get out!

Line 5 comment: Waiting with wine and food. Pure fortune.

Line 6 comment: Entering into a cave and finding uninvited strangers. Three people come. Honor them and in the end there will be good fortune.

The image Clouds rising to heaven: waiting. The noble one drinks, eats, and feasts with joy.

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