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On June 23, 2018 at 11:35 PM 


and received a response of:
old yang
old yin
old yang
old yin
old yang
old yang

38 Estrangement

The Statement of the first hexagram


In small matters: fortune.

The changing lines

The first line:
Remorse vanishes. Do not search:

a lost horse returns by itself.

When seeing the wicked, make no mistakes.
The second line:
Meeting one's master in the lane.

No fault.
The third line:
Seeing the wagon dragged back, his oxen

taken, his men's hair and noses cut off.

Not a beginning, but an ending.
The fourth line:
Estranged, one meets the main person.

A trustworthy exchange.

Severity is without fault.
The fifth line:
Remorse vanishes.

One's kinsmen bite the skin.

Going forward: what error?
The sixth line:
Strange sights: a pig shouldering mud,

a cartload of ghosts. One first draws a bow,

then lowers it. No raider- a groom. Go.

Meet the rain, and with it, fortune.

39 Hindered

The Statement of the second hexagram

Gain in the west and south.

No gain in the east and north.

Gain by seeing the great person.

Pure fortune.

The Image of the first hexagram

Fire above, lake below:
estrangement. The noble
one works with others,
but remains an individual.

The Image of the second hexagram

Water on top of the
mountain: hindered.
The noble one
turns inward
to cultivate virtue.