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On November 22, 2017 at 8:01 AM 

for me?

and received a response of:
old yin
old yang
old yin
old yin
old yang

3 Sprouting

The Statement of the first hexagram

Sprouting begins everywhere,
abundant and pure.
No need to go far:
gain by naming allies.

The changing lines

The first line:
A boulder and a willow.
It is gainful to dwell staunchly here.
Gain by naming allies.
The third line:
Although there are deer, there is no forester.
Thinking to enter the forest's center,
the noble one halts. To go forward: sorrow.
The fourth line:
Riding a team of horses
to seek marriage. Fortunate.
Nothing but gain.
The fifth line:
Sprouting fresh and thick:
For the small, a sign of fortune.
For the great, a sign of misfortune.
The sixth line:
Riding a team of horses:
Sobbing and weeping blood.

56 Traveler

The Statement of the second hexagram

Traveler. Slight progress.
Be steadfast in travel: fortune.

The Image of the first hexagram

Clouds and thunder: sprouting. The noble one
considers the principles.

The Image of the second hexagram

Fire on the mountain:
traveler. The noble one is
clear-minded and cautious
in meting out punishment
and yet does not delay trial.