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On September 20, 2021 at 8:18 PM 

What will happen, if I offer to help with Rosa's moving houses?

and received a response of:
old yin
old yang
old yang
old yin
old yang

55 Plentiful

The Statement of the first hexagram

Plentiful. Progress.

The great king arrives. Do not grieve.

All is right as the midday sun.

The changing lines

The first line:
Meeting one's suitable lord.

In spite of sameness, no fault.

Going has honor.
The second line:
Plentiful screens.

Seeing the northern stars at noon.

Going brings a strange illness.
The third line:
Plentiful flow.

Seeing darkness at noon.

Breaking one's right forearm. No fault.
The fourth line:
Plentiful screens.

Seeing the northern stars at noon.

Meeting one's great lord. Fortune.
The sixth line:
Plentiful activity in one's house, screened

is one's household. Peering through

one's door: quiet with no people near.

For three years no one visits. Misfortune.

4 Youth

The Statement of the second hexagram

A youth must be steadfast.

I do not seek the naive youth.

The naive youth seeks me.

At the first divination, I explain,

but after three times, it is irritating.

Annoyed, I explain no further.

Nevertheless, a gainful omen.

The Image of the first hexagram

Thunder and lightning
come fully: plentiful.
The wise one decides
lawsuits and applies

The Image of the second hexagram

A spring gushes
below a mountain:
the naive youth.
The noble one nourishes virtue
with determination.