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On February 27, 2020 at 6:28 AM  madmur88 asked:

What can I expect with V.C.?

and received a response of:
old yin
old yang
old yin
old yin

3 Sprouting

The Statement of the first hexagram

Sprouting begins everywhere,
abundant and pure.
No need to go far:
gain by naming allies.

The changing lines

The second line:
How like the difficulty of sprouting!
Rushing like a team of horses: it is not a raider
who woos, yet the chaste girl refuses.
She waits ten years for betrothal.
The third line:
Although there are deer, there is no forester.
Thinking to enter the forest's center,
the noble one halts. To go forward: sorrow.
The fifth line:
Sprouting fresh and thick:
For the small, a sign of fortune.
For the great, a sign of misfortune.
The sixth line:
Riding a team of horses:
Sobbing and weeping blood.

26 Great Restraint

The Statement of the second hexagram

Gain by being upright.
Not eating at home brings fortune.
Advance across the great river.

The Image of the first hexagram

Clouds and thunder: sprouting. The noble one
considers the principles.

The Image of the second hexagram

Heaven in the center of a
mountain: great restraint.
The noble one
frequently studies
the words and prophesies
of the past, and thereby
nourishes virtue.