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On December 21, 2019 at 11:04 PM 

W w?

and received a response of:
old yang
old yang
old yang
old yang
old yang

1 Heaven

The Statement of the first hexagram

Heaven: maker, pervasive,
bountiful, and pure.

The changing lines

The first line:
A sunken dragon.
Do not act.
The second line:
Seeing a dragon in the field.
Gain by seeing a great person.
The third line:
At day's end, the noble one is still diligent.
At night, he is alert to peril
and stays without fault.
The fourth line:
Someone may leap from the depths.
Be without fault.
The sixth line:
A haughty dragon
will have regrets.

8 Joining

The Statement of the second hexagram

Joining brings fortune.
Repeating the divination by yarrow stalks
brings a supreme and lasting omen
without fault.
Those who are not sure
will join the plan.
Those who are late
will meet misfortune.

The Image of the first hexagram

Heaven moves with power:
the noble one never stops
strengthening himself.

The Image of the second hexagram

Water pooled
on the earth: joining.
The early kings founded
the myriad nations,
and kept close ties
with all the leaders.