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On December 31, 2018 at 3:27 PM 


and received a response of:
old yin
old yin
old yin
old yin
old yin

2 Earth

The Statement of the first hexagram

Earth: maker, everywhere.
Gain from a mare's purity.
The noble one wanting to go far
is first confused, but later finds guidance.
Gain friends in the west and south,
Lose friends in the east and north.
Peace: this is a sign of fortune.

The changing lines

The first line:
Treading on frost-
solid ice will soon arrive.
The second line:
Straight, square, great-
this leads to spontaneous
and undoubted gain.
The third line:
Hide your talents, but stay steadfast
if you would be of royal service.
The fourth line:
A tied sack:
neither blame nor praise.
The fifth line:
Yellow garments.
Great fortune.

43 Decisiveness

The Statement of the second hexagram

Decisiveness. Proclaim in the royal court.

Trust in the commands. Be stern.

There will be severity.

Announce to your own city.

There is no gain in going to war.

Gain by having a place to go.

The Image of the first hexagram

Ground as the power
of earth:
the noble one generously
supports all things.

The Image of the second hexagram

Lake rising to heaven:
decisiveness. The noble one
bestows wealth
to those below
and shuns dwelling
on his own virtues.