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Hexagram 8: Joining

Statement: Joining brings fortune. Repeating the divination by yarrow stalks brings a supreme and lasting omen without fault. Those who are not sure will join the plan. Those who are late will meet misfortune.


Top trigram: Water


Bottom trigram: Earth


Hexagram Number: 8

Hexagram Name: Joining

Line 1 comment: Have confidence. Joining is without fault. Be as full of trust as an overflowing pot. At last, another will come. Fortune.

Line 2 comment: Joining from within our own people. Pure fortune.

Line 3 comment: Joining with robbers.

Line 4 comment: Joining with those outside. Pure fortune.

Line 5 comment: Glorious joining. The king uses three beaters to flush the birds before him, but citizens need no such coercion. Fortune.

Line 6 comment: Joining without a leader: misfortune.

The image Water pooled on the earth: joining. The early kings founded the myriad nations, and kept close ties with all the leaders.

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