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Hexagram 7: Armies

Statement: Armies must be steadfast. With a great leader they will find fortune. They must remain without fault.


Top trigram: Earth


Bottom trigram: Water


Hexagram Number: 7

Hexagram Name: Armies

Line 1 comment: Armies must march with rules. Otherwise, whether gain or loss, there will be misfortune.

Line 2 comment: In the middle of armies: fortune. Be without fault. The king confers command three times.

Line 3 comment: The armies might cart corpses: misfortune.

Line 4 comment: The armies camp on the eastern side. Be without fault.

Line 5 comment: There are birds in the field. Catch them! No fault when the eldest one commands armies, but if it is a trainee- carts of corpses and pure misfortune.

Line 6 comment: The great prince takes command. He founds a country and supports the clans. He does not employ petty people.

The image The earth's center is filled with water. The noble one supports the people and cares for everyone.

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