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Hexagram 63: Already Across

Statement: Already across. Continue. Small gain: be steadfast. In the beginning, fortune. At the end, disorder.


Top trigram: Water


Bottom trigram: Fire


Hexagram Number: 63

Hexagram Name: Already Across

Line 1 comment: Pulling his wheels, flooding the rear. No fault.

Line 2 comment: A wife loses her ornaments. Do not chase: get them back in seven days.

Line 3 comment: Gao Zong attacks the Gui Fang: three years to overcome them. Minor people are useless.

Line 4 comment: Leaking: caulk with rags. The whole day: be on guard.

Line 5 comment: The eastern neighbor slaughters an ox, not like the western neighbor's sacrifice and worship: faithfully receives his happiness.

Line 6 comment: Dunking his head. Severe.

The image Water on top of fire: already across. The wise one prepares for calamity by forethought.

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