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Hexagram 62: Small Crossing

Statement: Small crossing. Continue for gainful purity. Small matters can be done, but not large matters. Flying birds leave their sound: it is unsuitable to go high- the suitable is below. Great fortune.


Top trigram: Thunder


Bottom trigram: Mountain


Hexagram Number: 62

Hexagram Name: Small Crossing

Line 1 comment: Birds fly from famine.

Line 2 comment: Crossing to one's ancestors, meeting one's dead mother. Not reaching as far as one's king: meeting his minister. No fault.

Line 3 comment: Do not cross. Be on guard. Attend to this, or there may be killing. Misfortune.

Line 4 comment: No fault. Do not cross to meet them. Going is dangerous. Absolutely refrain. Do not act: be everlasting and firm.

Line 5 comment: Dense clouds, no rain. At my western outskirts, the duke shoots, takes another in the cave.

Line 6 comment: Not meeting is excessive. Flying birds separate: misfortune. This is called calamity and blundering.

The image Thunder above the mountain: small crossing. The noble one acts with more than enough reverence, destroys excessive grief, and uses more than enough economy.

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