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Hexagram 61: Confidence Within

Statement: Confidence within: Pigs. Fish. Fortune. Advance across the great river. Gainful purity.


Top trigram: Wind


Bottom trigram: Lake


Hexagram Number: 61

Hexagram Name: Confidence Within

Line 1 comment: Expect fortune while others are without ease.

Line 2 comment: A calling crane in the shade: its young are at peace. I have a good wine goblet. I will share its excellence with you.

Line 3 comment: Encountering an enemy: Some drum, some halt. Some sob, some sing.

Line 4 comment: The moon is nearly full: one of the horses vanishes. No fault.

Line 5 comment: Have confidence as if entwined. No fault.

Line 6 comment: The sound of a white horse rising to heaven: pure misfortune.

The image Wind above the lake: inner truth. The noble one discusses the law and grants reprieve from execution.

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