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Hexagram 6: Dispute

Statement: Dispute: keep confident even if blocked and alarmed. In the middle, good fortune, but in the end, misfortune. Gain by seeing a great person. Do not advance across the great river.


Top trigram: Heaven


Bottom trigram: Water


Hexagram Number: 6

Hexagram Name: Dispute

Line 1 comment: Do not prolong this case. The petty control all the talk. In the end: fortune.

Line 2 comment: Unable to win the dispute. Return, and so flee his realm of three hundred households. No blunders.

Line 3 comment: Surviving on old favors: a perilous sign. In the end: fortune. One may undertake royal service, but without personal success.

Line 4 comment: Unable to win the dispute. Go back now, make your decisions. Change your mind and there will be peace.

Line 5 comment: Dispute. Supreme fortune.

Line 6 comment: One may be awarded a belt of high rank, but by morning's end, it will have been stripped away three times.

The image Heaven and water clash: dispute. The noble one devises the right beginning in all matters.

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