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Hexagram 59: Spreading

Statement: Spreading. The king draws near to the temple. Advance across the great river. Gainful purity.


Top trigram: Wind


Bottom trigram: Water


Hexagram Number: 59

Hexagram Name: Spreading

Line 1 comment: By the saving strength of a horse. Fortune.

Line 2 comment: Spreading and going directly toward his platform. Regrets vanish.

Line 3 comment: Spreading his twisting body. No regrets.

Line 4 comment: Spreading his flock. Great fortune. Expanding and there are mounds. No common person can understand this.

Line 5 comment: Spreading sweat: his great command. Expanding royal dwellings. No fault.

Line 6 comment: Spreading his blood. Go far away. No fault.

The image Wind moving above water: spreading. The ancient kings made sacrificial offerings to God and established temples.

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