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Hexagram 56: Traveler

Statement: Traveler. Slight progress. Be steadfast in travel: fortune.


Top trigram: Fire


Bottom trigram: Mountain


Hexagram Number: 56

Hexagram Name: Traveler

Line 1 comment: A traveler, low and weak-voiced: thus he summons calamity.

Line 2 comment: A traveler promptly stops for lodging, holding his wealth, getting servants. Virtuous.

Line 3 comment: A traveler sets fire to his lodging, loses his servants. Firm harshness.

Line 4 comment: A traveler in a dwelling place gets his wealth and ax. My heart is unhappy.

Line 5 comment: Shooting pheasants. One arrow vanishes. In the end, there is honor and authority.

Line 6 comment: A bird sets fire to its nest. A traveler first laughs, afterward howls and weeps. Loses an ox in barter. Misfortune.

The image Fire on the mountain: traveler. The noble one is clear-minded and cautious in meting out punishment and yet does not delay trial.

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