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Hexagram 55: Plentiful

Statement: Plentiful. Progress. The great king arrives. Do not grieve. All is right as the midday sun.


Top trigram: Thunder


Bottom trigram: Fire


Hexagram Number: 55

Hexagram Name: Plentiful

Line 1 comment: Meeting one's suitable lord. In spite of sameness, no fault. Going has honor.

Line 2 comment: Plentiful screens. Seeing the northern stars at noon. Going brings a strange illness.

Line 3 comment: Plentiful flow. Seeing darkness at noon. Breaking one's right forearm. No fault.

Line 4 comment: Plentiful screens. Seeing the northern stars at noon. Meeting one's great lord. Fortune.

Line 5 comment: Receiving the seal. There are congratulations and praise. Fortune.

Line 6 comment: Plentiful activity in one's house, screened is one's household. Peering through one's door: quiet with no people near. For three years no one visits. Misfortune.

The image Thunder and lightning come fully: plentiful. The wise one decides lawsuits and applies punishments.

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