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Hexagram 54: Marrying Sister

Statement: Advance: misfortune. No place will bring gain.


Top trigram: Thunder


Bottom trigram: Lake


Hexagram Number: 54

Hexagram Name: Marrying Sister

Line 1 comment: A younger sister marries as a secondary wife. The lame can tread. Going is favorable.

Line 2 comment: Blind in one eye: able to see. Gain by a solitary person's firmness.

Line 3 comment: A younger sister waits to marry. Returns to marry as a secondary wife.

Line 4 comment: A younger sister marrying. Overflowing expectations. A late marriage has its season.

Line 5 comment: Emperor Yi gives his younger sister in marriage. Her royal sleeves are not as fine as the secondary wives'. The moon: nearly full. Fortune.

Line 6 comment: A woman carries a basket: no fruit. A man sacrifices a ram: no blood. No place is gainful.

The image Thunder over lake: marrying sister. The noble one pursues far-reaching goals while keeping aware of possible ruin.

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