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Hexagram 51: Thunder

Statement: Thunder everywhere. Thunder comes frighteningly. People laugh and exclaim. Thunder terrifies for one hundred miles, but do not lose the ladle of sacrificial wine.


Top trigram: Thunder


Bottom trigram: Thunder


Hexagram Number: 51

Hexagram Name: Thunder

Line 1 comment: Thunder brings fright and terror. Afterward, laughter and talk: ha ha. Fortune.

Line 2 comment: Thunder comes harshly. Countless treasures lost. Climb up nine mounds. Do not pursue. In seven days: recovery.

Line 3 comment: Thunder: awake, awake! Shaking without injury.

Line 4 comment: Thunder, followed by mud.

Line 5 comment: Thunder approaches and arrives harshly. What is numerous is not lost. There is business.

Line 6 comment: Thunder menacing, menacing. Eyes wide in fright. Going brings misfortune. He does not shake, but his neighbor does. No fault: a marriage has talk.

The image Continuous thunder on thunder. The noble one examines his morals in fear and dread.

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