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Hexagram 50: Cauldron

Statement: Cauldron. Great fortune. Continue.


Top trigram: Fire


Bottom trigram: Wind


Hexagram Number: 50

Hexagram Name: Cauldron

Line 1 comment: A cauldron overturned: gain by expelling what is bad. Take a concubine to have children.

Line 2 comment: No fault. A cauldron is full. My enemies are ill and cannot approach me: fortune.

Line 3 comment: A cauldron's handles removed: it cannot be moved. Cooked pheasant uneaten. Rain now-in the end, fortune.

Line 4 comment: A cauldron's feet break. The duke's sacrificial food pours out. His person is stained. Misfortune.

Line 5 comment: A cauldron with yellow handles and a golden carrier. Gainful virtue.

Line 6 comment: A cauldron with a jade carrier. Great fortune. Nothing but gain.

The image Fire on top of wood: cauldron. The noble one takes the principal seat to solidify his commands. Could you stoke the cauldron that feeds all people?

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