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Hexagram 49: Reform

Statement: Reform: on one's own day, confidence is won- making, pervasive, gainful, and pure. Regrets vanish.


Top trigram: Lake


Bottom trigram: Fire


Hexagram Number: 49

Hexagram Name: Reform

Line 1 comment: Bound using yellow ox hide.

Line 2 comment: By day's end, there is reform. Going is fortunate and without fault.

Line 3 comment: Going is unfortunate. Pure harshness. Reform is declared three times before there is confidence.

Line 4 comment: Regrets vanish. Have confidence, alter the commands. Fortune.

Line 5 comment: The great person changes like a tiger. No need to divine: there is trust.

Line 6 comment: The noble one changes like a panther. The small person changes his expression. Going is unfortunate, staying is pure fortune.

The image Fire in the middle of the lake: reform. The noble one orders the calendar by the seasons.

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