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Hexagram 47: Distress

Statement: Distress. Continue. For a pure and great person: fortune. No fault. What is said is not trusted.


Top trigram: Lake


Bottom trigram: Water


Hexagram Number: 47

Hexagram Name: Distress

Line 1 comment: Buttocks distressed by tree stumps. Entering a dark ravine. For three harvests, meeting no one.

Line 2 comment: Distressed with wine and food. Vermilion sashes come from all directions. Gain by making offerings and worshipping. Going: misfortune. No fault.

Line 3 comment: Distressed by rock, seized in thistles. Entering into his palace, not seeing his wife. Misfortune.

Line 4 comment: Progress is gradual. Distressed in a metal car. Regret will end.

Line 5 comment: Hacking off noses, hacking off feet. Distressed by vermillion sashes. Then, slowly, there is talk. Gain by making offerings and sacrifices.

Line 6 comment: Distressed by vines and creepers. With anxious speech and acts, one repents. Repent and go forward to fortune.

The image A lake without water: distress. The noble one devotes her life to fulfill her will.

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