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Hexagram 45: Collecting

Statement: The king draws near to the temple: gain by seeing a great person. Make an offering with purity, using great sacrificial beasts. Fortune. Gain by having a place to go.


Top trigram: Lake


Bottom trigram: Earth


Hexagram Number: 45

Hexagram Name: Collecting

Line 1 comment: A trust that cannot reach conclusion: there is confusion, there is collecting amid commands. One grasps for smiling results-no help. Depart without fault.

Line 2 comment: Led by fortune. No fault. Trust the gain of the summer sacrifice.

Line 3 comment: Collecting like sighs of regret. No place is gainful. Depart without fault. Slight regret.

Line 4 comment: Great fortune, no fault.

Line 5 comment: Collecting brings position. No fault that there is no trust. Great everlasting constancy dispels regret.

Line 6 comment: Exclamations, tears, and sniveling. No fault.

The image Lake above the earth. Collecting. The noble one collects the tools of war to guard against unforeseen danger.

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