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Hexagram 44: Copulating

Statement: Copulating: the woman is powerful. Do not marry such a woman.


Top trigram: Heaven


Bottom trigram: Wind


Hexagram Number: 44

Hexagram Name: Copulating

Line 1 comment: Checked by a metal brake: pure fortune. There's a place to go, but misfortune will be seen. A weak pig will surely falter.

Line 2 comment: The wrapping has fish. No fault. Not gainful for guests.

Line 3 comment: Buttocks without skin: one walks uneasily. Harsh, but no great fault.

Line 4 comment: The wrapping has no fish: the start of misfortune.

Line 5 comment: Like a gourd surrounded by willows, and held in place, there comes a falling from heaven.

Line 6 comment: Copulating with a horn. Remorse. No fault.

The image Wind under heaven: copulating. The sovereign issues commands to the four quarters.

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