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Hexagram 43: Decisiveness

Statement: Decisiveness. Proclaim in the royal court. Trust in the commands. Be stern. There will be severity. Announce to your own city. There is no gain in going to war. Gain by having a place to go.


Top trigram: Lake


Bottom trigram: Heaven


Hexagram Number: 43

Hexagram Name: Decisiveness

Line 1 comment: Strong in the feet: Going forward, there will be no triumph due to mistakes.

Line 2 comment: Alert commands. Night after night of fighting without relief.

Line 3 comment: Strong in the cheekbones: misfortune. The noble one is resolute, but walks alone- soaked by rain, angry, with no one to blame.

Line 4 comment: Buttocks without skin: one walks uneasily. Follow like a sheep and regrets vanish. Instead, words are heard but not believed.

Line 5 comment: The amaranth mound decisively cleared: the middle way is without fault.

Line 6 comment: No signals: the end will be misfortune.

The image Lake rising to heaven: decisiveness. The noble one bestows wealth to those below and shuns dwelling on his own virtues.

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