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Hexagram 42: Increase

Statement: Increase. Gain by having a place to go. Advance across the great river.


Top trigram: Wind


Bottom trigram: Thunder


Hexagram Number: 42

Hexagram Name: Increase

Line 1 comment: Gain by using great work. Great fortune. No fault.

Line 2 comment: Someone increases by ten groups of turtles no one can defy. Everlasting firmness and fortune. The king makes offerings to god. Fortune.

Line 3 comment: Increase by using unfortunate affairs. No fault. Have trust in the middle path. Inform the duke using a jade tablet.

Line 4 comment: There is a middle path. Alert the duke to follow. Gain by working for the sake of moving the nation.

Line 5 comment: Have confidence in a kind heart. Unquestioned great fortune. Have trust in the kindness of my conduct.

Line 6 comment: No increase when someone attacks. Setting the heart without constancy: misfortune.

The image Wind and thunder: increase. The noble one sees perfection and shifts to fit its pattern, and corrects his own faults.

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