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Hexagram 4: Youth

Statement: A youth must be steadfast. I do not seek the naive youth. The naive youth seeks me. At the first divination, I explain, but after three times, it is irritating. Annoyed, I explain no further. Nevertheless, a gainful omen.


Top trigram: Mountain


Bottom trigram: Water


Hexagram Number: 4

Hexagram Name: Youth

Line 1 comment: While penalties are useful to illuminate the naive youth, take off the fetters- to go too far leads to sorrow.

Line 2 comment: To have the joy of holding your own child, take a wife. It will lead to fortune: your children will lead the family.

Line 3 comment: It is useless to marry a woman who loses herself when she sees a golden man.

Line 4 comment: A distressed and naive youth: sorrow.

Line 5 comment: An innocent and naive youth: fortunate.

Line 6 comment: Nothing is gained by beating a youth. That is the way to treat raiders. We gain by preventing misdeeds.

The image A spring gushes below a mountain: the naive youth. The noble one nourishes virtue with determination.

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