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Hexagram 39: Hindered

Statement: Gain in the west and south. No gain in the east and north. Gain by seeing the great person. Pure fortune.


Top trigram: Water


Bottom trigram: Mountain


Hexagram Number: 39

Hexagram Name: Hindered

Line 1 comment: Going: hindered. Approaching: honor.

Line 2 comment: The king's servant hindered- though he did not personally cause it.

Line 3 comment: Going: hindered. Approaching: reversal.

Line 4 comment: Going: hindered. Coming: joining.

Line 5 comment: Greatly hindered. Friends approach.

Line 6 comment: Going: hindered. Coming: enormous fortune. Gain by seeing the great person.

The image Water on top of the mountain: hindered. The noble one turns inward to cultivate virtue.

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