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Hexagram 37: Family

Statement: A family benefits from the women's purity.


Top trigram: Wind


Bottom trigram: Fire


Hexagram Number: 37

Hexagram Name: Family

Line 1 comment: A family within its own walls. Regrets vanish.

Line 2 comment: No place to follow. Gifts are within. Pure fortune.

Line 3 comment: The family scolds. Remorse from severity is gainful. Women and children laughing too much leads to loss.

Line 4 comment: A wealthy family. Great fortune.

Line 5 comment: The king withdraws to his family. With no other help: fortune.

Line 6 comment: Be confident and dignified. In the end, for_tune.

The image Wind emerges from fire: family. The noble one has substance in speech and constancy in action.

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