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Hexagram 36: Smothered Light

Statement: Smothered light. Gain is difficult: persist.


Top trigram: Earth


Bottom trigram: Fire


Hexagram Number: 36

Hexagram Name: Smothered Light

Line 1 comment: Smothered light in flight, hanging wings. The wise one travels and has no food for three days, but finds the destination: the host responds.

Line 2 comment: Smothered light: injury in the left thigh. Exert horselike strength to rescue. Fortunate.

Line 3 comment: Smothered light on a southern expedition. Their great chief is captured. One cannot be hasty to establish rule.

Line 4 comment: Enter at the left front, capturing the heart of smothered light. Going in and out of gates and halls.

Line 5 comment: The smothered light of Jizi: gainful virtue.

Line 6 comment: Not a bright night. First rise into the sky, then plunge into the earth.

The image Brilliance in the earth's core: smothered light. The noble one governs the multitude by obscurity- but with enlightenment.

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