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Hexagram 35: Advancing

Statement: Marquis Kang receives gifts of many breeding horses, welcoming them three times in one day.


Top trigram: Fire


Bottom trigram: Earth


Hexagram Number: 35

Hexagram Name: Advancing

Line 1 comment: Advancing halted. Uprightness brings fortune, but no trust. Be generous to be without fault.

Line 2 comment: Advancing with worry. Uprightness brings fortune. Receive now the great blessings of your grandmother.

Line 3 comment: A loyal crowd. Regret vanishes.

Line 4 comment: Advancing like rodents. Pure harshness.

Line 5 comment: Regrets vanish. Loss and gain are no longer concerns. Going forward is fortunate: nothing but gain.

Line 6 comment: Advancing with their horns. Secure by exerting: attack the town. Harsh fortune. No fault, but persistence brings sorrow.

The image Brightness emerges above the earth: advancing. The noble one brightens her own virtue.

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