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Hexagram 34: Great Vigor

Statement: Great vigor, gainful purity.


Top trigram: Thunder


Bottom trigram: Heaven


Hexagram Number: 34

Hexagram Name: Great Vigor

Line 1 comment: Vigor in the toes: advancing brings certain misfortune. Uprightness brings fortune.

Line 2 comment: Persist. Fortune.

Line 3 comment: The inferior exert strength, the superior exert not. Persist in harsh times. A ram butts a hedge, entangling his horns.

Line 4 comment: Pure fortune. Regrets vanish. The hedge breaks: entanglement is gone. Strong as a great car's axle blocks.

Line 5 comment: The ram is lost easily. No remorse.

Line 6 comment: A ram butts the hedge and cannot pull out or escape. No place is gainful. First difficulty, then fortune.

The image Thunder in heaven above: great vigor. The noble one is never without reverence and does not fail in conduct.

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