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Hexagram 32: Constancy

Statement: Constancy is to continue without fault. Gain through purity. Gain by having a place to go.


Top trigram: Thunder


Bottom trigram: Wind


Hexagram Number: 32

Hexagram Name: Constancy

Line 1 comment: Dredging for constancy. Pure misfortune. No place is gainful.

Line 2 comment: Regrets vanish.

Line 3 comment: Inconstant in conduct: one may be disgraced. Persist and there will be remorse.

Line 4 comment: No game in the field.

Line 5 comment: Constant in virtue. Like a woman: fortune. Like a man: misfortune.

Line 6 comment: Quaking constancy: misfortune.

The image Thunder and wind: constancy. The noble one stands without changing direction.

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