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Hexagram 31: Feeling

Statement: Feeling. Pervasive with gainful purity. Taking a spouse brings fortune.


Top trigram: Lake


Bottom trigram: Mountain


Hexagram Number: 31

Hexagram Name: Feeling

Line 1 comment: Feeling in the big toe.

Line 2 comment: Feeling in the calves-misfortune. Staying put-fortune.

Line 3 comment: Feeling in the thighs. Persistence in following and going forward will lead to harshness.

Line 4 comment: Pure fortune. Remorse vanishes. But if you are indecisive in going and coming, only close friends will think of you.

Line 5 comment: Feeling in the spine. No fault.

Line 6 comment: Feeling in the jaws, cheeks, and tongue.

The image Lake on a mountain: feeling. The noble one accepts people openly.

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