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Hexagram 3: Sprouting

Statement: Sprouting begins everywhere, abundant and pure. No need to go far: gain by naming allies.


Top trigram: Water


Bottom trigram: Thunder


Hexagram Number: 3

Hexagram Name: Sprouting

Line 1 comment: A boulder and a willow. It is gainful to dwell staunchly here. Gain by naming allies.

Line 2 comment: How like the difficulty of sprouting! Rushing like a team of horses: it is not a raider who woos, yet the chaste girl refuses. She waits ten years for betrothal.

Line 3 comment: Although there are deer, there is no forester. Thinking to enter the forest's center, the noble one halts. To go forward: sorrow.

Line 4 comment: Riding a team of horses to seek marriage. Fortunate. Nothing but gain.

Line 5 comment: Sprouting fresh and thick: For the small, a sign of fortune. For the great, a sign of misfortune.

Line 6 comment: Riding a team of horses: Sobbing and weeping blood.

The image Clouds and thunder: sprouting. The noble one considers the principles.

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