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Hexagram 28: Great Excess

Statement: The ridgepole sags. Gain by having a place to go. Continue.


Top trigram: Lake


Bottom trigram: Wind


Hexagram Number: 28

Hexagram Name: Great Excess

Line 1 comment: A cushion of white grass. No fault.

Line 2 comment: A withered trunk bursts with fresh vetch. An old man takes a wife. Nothing but gain.

Line 3 comment: A weak beam. Misfortune.

Line 4 comment: An ample beam. Fortunate, unless there has been stinting.

Line 5 comment: Withered wood blooms with flowers. An old woman takes a husband. Neither fault nor praise.

Line 6 comment: Fording, wading, head submerged. Misfortune, but without fault.

The image The lake overwhelms the trees: great excess. The noble one stands alone without fear, and can withdraw from the world without sorrow.

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