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Hexagram 27: Nourishing

Statement: Nourishing. Pure fortune. Watch the jaws and what one seeks to fill one's mouth.


Top trigram: Mountain


Bottom trigram: Thunder


Hexagram Number: 27

Hexagram Name: Nourishing

Line 1 comment: You put aside your divine turtle And watch my moving jaws: misfortune.

Line 2 comment: With jerking jaws, you disobey the right ways. Find nourishment in the nearby hills instead of journeying far away.

Line 3 comment: Jaws shake in opposition. Persistence will bring misfortune. For ten years, all will be useless and no place will bring gain.

Line 4 comment: Moving jaws are fortunate. Like a glaring tiger, passion runs full, but there is no fault.

Line 5 comment: Disobeying the right ways: dwelling instead in virtue brings fortune. Do not advance across the great river.

Line 6 comment: Through nourishment in severity comes fortune. Advance across the great river.

The image Thunder below the mountain: nourishing. The noble one is careful in speech and temperate while eating and drinking.

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