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Hexagram 26: Great Restraint

Statement: Gain by being upright. Not eating at home brings fortune. Advance across the great river.


Top trigram: Mountain


Bottom trigram: Heaven


Hexagram Number: 26

Hexagram Name: Great Restraint

Line 1 comment: There is harsh danger. Gain ends.

Line 2 comment: Carriage axle blocks broken.

Line 3 comment: A good horse chases, but gain is difficult. Be upright. Prepare the chariots daily and be on guard. Gain by having a place to go.

Line 4 comment: A young bull's headboard. Great fortune.

Line 5 comment: A gelded hog's teeth. Favorable.

Line 6 comment: Where is heaven's thoroughfare? Go through it.

The image Heaven in the center of a mountain: great restraint. The noble one frequently studies the words and prophesies of the past, and thereby nourishes virtue.

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