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Hexagram 23: Splitting

Statement: Splitting; no gain in having a place to go.


Top trigram: Mountain


Bottom trigram: Earth


Hexagram Number: 23

Hexagram Name: Splitting

Line 1 comment: The bed's feet split: If you disregard the signs: misfortune.

Line 2 comment: The bed's side splits apart: If you disregard the signs: misfortune.

Line 3 comment: This splitting is without fault.

Line 4 comment: The bed's surface splits into pieces: misfortune.

Line 5 comment: The court ladies and concubines are like fish tethered to a line: nothing but gain.

Line 6 comment: Great fruits are not eaten. The noble one gets a sedan chair. The vile ones splinter their huts.

The image The mountain resting on the earth: splitting. When the high are generous to those below, all dwell in peace.

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