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Hexagram 21: Biting

Statement: Biting. Penetrate. Gain by prosecuting.


Top trigram: Fire


Bottom trigram: Thunder


Hexagram Number: 21

Hexagram Name: Biting

Line 1 comment: Feet in fetters, toes cut off: no fault.

Line 2 comment: Biting skin, destroying the nose: no fault.

Line 3 comment: Biting dried meat, encountering poison. Small regrets, no fault.

Line 4 comment: Biting dry bone. Winning golden arrows. Gain through difficulty and stay upright. Fortune.

Line 5 comment: Biting dried meat, winning yellow gold. Be upright in harsh times and be without fault.

Line 6 comment: How he is imprisoned in a cangue, ears destroyed! Misfortune.

The image Thunder and lightning: biting. The ancient kings defined penalties and declared the laws.

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