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Hexagram 20: Beholding

Statement: Behold! The hands have been washed, but the offering has not yet been made. Be sincere and dignified in appearance.


Top trigram: Wind


Bottom trigram: Earth


Hexagram Number: 20

Hexagram Name: Beholding

Line 1 comment: Childish beholding is not wrong for a common person, but it is wrong for a superior person.

Line 2 comment: Spying and peeping: far better to have a woman's purity.

Line 3 comment: Beholding my life: advance or retreat?

Line 4 comment: Beholding our nation's glory: make good use of an audience with the king.

Line 5 comment: Beholding my life: the wise person rids herself of faults.

Line 6 comment: In beholding others' lives the wise person allows no faults.

The image The wind moving above the earth: beholding. The ancient kings inspected the provinces and territories to establish the right teachings.

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