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Hexagram 2: Earth

Statement: Earth: maker, everywhere. Gain from a mare's purity. The noble one wanting to go far is first confused, but later finds guidance. Gain friends in the west and south, Lose friends in the east and north. Peace: this is a sign of fortune.


Top trigram: Earth


Bottom trigram: Earth


Hexagram Number: 2

Hexagram Name: Earth

Line 1 comment: Treading on frost- solid ice will soon arrive.

Line 2 comment: Straight, square, great- this leads to spontaneous and undoubted gain.

Line 3 comment: Hide your talents, but stay steadfast if you would be of royal service.

Line 4 comment: A tied sack: neither blame nor praise.

Line 5 comment: Yellow garments. Great fortune.

Line 6 comment: Dragons fight in the wild: their blood is dark and yellow.

The image Ground as the power of earth: the noble one generously supports all things.

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