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Hexagram 19: Arrival

Statement: The arrival of the maker: everywhere, giving and pure. When the eighth moon comes, there will be misfortune.


Top trigram: Earth


Bottom trigram: Lake


Hexagram Number: 19

Hexagram Name: Arrival

Line 1 comment: All arrival: pure gain.

Line 2 comment: All arrival: fortune. Nothing but gain.

Line 3 comment: Luscious arrival, but no place brings gain. Once grieving passes, there is no fault.

Line 4 comment: Having arrived, no fault.

Line 5 comment: Knowledge arrives. The noble one is proper. Fortune.

Line 6 comment: Sincere arrival. Gain without fault.

The image Earth by the lake: arrival. The noble one is inexhaustible in teaching, and boundlessly protects the people.

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