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Hexagram 13: Kindred

Statement: The kindred in the wilderness. Continue. Advance across the great river. Gain by a wise one's purity.


Top trigram: Heaven


Bottom trigram: Fire


Hexagram Number: 13

Hexagram Name: Kindred

Line 1 comment: The kindred at the gate. No fault.

Line 2 comment: The kindred in the ancestral temple. Remorse.

Line 3 comment: Armed and lying in ambush under the thicket. Looming above is their high mound. For three years, there is no rising.

Line 4 comment: Mounting their ramparts. Unable to conquer. Fortune.

Line 5 comment: The kindred first wail and yet later laugh: great armies are able to meet.

Line 6 comment: The kindred at the countryside sacrifice. No regrets.

The image Fire rises into heaven: kindred. The noble one groups and sorts all that must be done.

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