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Hexagram 11: Prospering

Statement: Prospering: the vile goes, the great comes. Fortune. Continue.


Top trigram: Earth


Bottom trigram: Heaven


Hexagram Number: 11

Hexagram Name: Prospering

Line 1 comment: Pulled couch grass uproots more with it by entwined roots. Snatch it: fortune.

Line 2 comment: Encompass the wasteland by crossing the river without a boat, but do not advance so far that you abandon comrades to perish. Win honor by a middle course.

Line 3 comment: No flat without a slope. No advance without return. Be steadfast in difficulty. No fault, no grief. The other is sincere: in feasting there will be happiness.

Line 4 comment: Running back and forth: no wealth from your neighbors. But do not give up trust.

Line 5 comment: Emperor Yi gives his daughter in marriage. Blessing and fortune.

Line 6 comment: City walls fall into a dry moat. Do not use armies. Report to your own capital. Make commands: remorse.

The image Heaven and earth combine: prospering. The empress uses wealth to fulfill the way of heaven and earth. She supports the order of heaven and earth for people on all sides.

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