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Hexagram 10: Walking

Statement: Walking on a tiger's tail: it does not bite. Continue.


Top trigram: Heaven


Bottom trigram: Lake


Hexagram Number: 10

Hexagram Name: Walking

Line 1 comment: Walking forward in austerity is without blame.

Line 2 comment: Walking the calm and level Way. The recluse is pure. Fortune.

Line 3 comment: The one-eyed can see. The lame can walk. But they walk on the tiger's tail and are bitten. Misfortune when a warrior shams as a prince.

Line 4 comment: Walking on the tiger's tail: fright and panic! In the end: fortune.

Line 5 comment: Decisive walking, pure and stern.

Line 6 comment: Look how you walk. Look into what will be favorable. Oh, turn toward great fortune!

The image Heaven above, lake below: walking. The noble one distinguishes high and low to fix the people's purpose.

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