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Hexagram 1: Heaven

Statement: Heaven: maker, pervasive, bountiful, and pure.


Top trigram: Heaven


Bottom trigram: Heaven


Hexagram Number: 1

Hexagram Name: Heaven

Line 1 comment: A sunken dragon. Do not act.

Line 2 comment: Seeing a dragon in the field. Gain by seeing a great person.

Line 3 comment: At day's end, the noble one is still diligent. At night, he is alert to peril and stays without fault.

Line 4 comment: Someone may leap from the depths. Be without fault.

Line 5 comment: A dragon flying in the sky. Gain by seeing a great person.

Line 6 comment: A haughty dragon will have regrets.

The image Heaven moves with power: the noble one never stops strengthening himself.

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